Renting Aircraft from Fly Taos Sky

Whether you’re looking to fly a few times a week or coming in for the weekend and want to enjoy a flight over the gorge, we’ve got the aircraft to support your adventures!

We operate a Piper Cherokee 140, Piper Cherokee 180, and a Cessna 206.

In order to rent the aircraft you’ll need to be checked out by one of our CFIs. The checkout ride typically takes about an hour. You’ll review the POH, conduct a pre-flight inspection together, review maneuvers, emergency procedures, and traffic pattern procedures as well as an overview of the avionics located within each aircraft.

Pilots must have at least a current Private Pilot Certificate, a valid Medical, and a valid government photo ID. Pilots will be required to complete a waiver and provide a deposit.

Aircraft Rental Rates:

  • Piper Cherokee 140 (2 seater) – $140/hour wet
  • Piper Cherokee 180 (4 seater) – $150/hour wet


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