About Fly Taos Sky

Fly Taos Sky is a local flight operator offering flightseeing tours, flight training, and management out of Taos Regional Airport. Fly Taos Sky offers incredible tours. These tours offer spectacular views of the the mountains, gorge and greater Taos area. Experience the sensational Sunrises and the unforgettable dramatic Sunsets like you have never seen before. Fly Taos Sky also offers intro flight lessons as well as to full programs to attain different types of aviation licenses.

About Our Team!

Michael Mccann
Michael MccannOwner and Pilot
Michael McCann, has been a resident of the Taos area for over 16 years and flying out of Taos for over 10 years. He’s an exceptional pilot with 25+ years experience and over 17,000 flight hours.

Michael has dedicated his life to his passion for developing aviation enthusiasts and providing career opportunities for the community of Taos.

Michael’s dream for Fly Taos Sky is to share the joy of aviation with all who are seek the thrill and wonder of soaring the sky. His dedication to his art is what makes Fly Taos Sky unique and truly a one-of-a-kind flight experience. We’re so excited to see where Fly Taos Sky takes off in the next few years! And we hope you join us on this journey.

Daniel Weeks
Daniel WeeksCommercial Pilot
My interest in aviation started when I was a kid flying with my Uncle and Dad, then was rekindled when working at Coronado Airport in Albuquerque as a lineman. While studying math and physics at UNM, I earned my private pilot license exchanging flight time for washing airplanes and tutoring my flight instructor in physics.

After graduate school in Hawaii and Japan, I worked at Los Alamos National Lab and commuted to work by airplane from Albuquerque and Santa Fe. During this time, I flew various aircraft including a Cessna 206 like Michael’s and attained my Commercial and Instrument ratings. I also flew the Skydive New Mexico Cessna 180 at Belen airport, and enjoyed watching many marvelous and adventurous folks diving out the passenger door at 15,000MSL.

In 2020, I relocated to Taos to build a home, join the community, and be closer to my favorite ski area in the world. As luck would have it, Fly Taos Sky is a thriving and amazing flight school and scenic air service for which I am able to be a pilot and ground school instructor. Come fly with me and I will show you all I know about the beautiful landscape below. And after your air adventure, I’d be happy to show you my favorite spots to ski, mountain bike, and for music and dancing.

Jess Caskey
Jess CaskeyCFI/Commercial Pilot
Hi! I’m Jess, a CFI and Commercial pilot that works with Fly Taos Sky to provide flight seeing tours, discovery flights, and flight lessons.

My love of aviation comes from a fortunate upbringing with two parents in the aviation industry. I fell in love with planes and was finally able to make my piloting dreams come true in 2016 when I took off in a Cherokee 140 for the first time – and I’ve been hooked ever since. I obtained my Private Pilot Certificate in 2019 and have been flying with Fly Taos Sky since 2021.

I’ve enjoyed living in Taos, NM for 6 years and am well acquainted with the region, history, and regulations to fly in the area. When I’m not flying I’m enjoying time with my husband and pup biking, hiking, or spending time on the slopes!

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